Spousal Support

Spousal support are payments made from one spouse to another to allow the receiving spouse to continue to maintain the same standard of living they had during the marriage or partnership. Other than child support and custody issues, this can often be the most contentious issue for parties. At the time of divorce or separation, the court will determine spousal support by looking at each party’s income and needs, how long the marriage was and the party’s ability to pay.

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Factors Considered by the Court in Awarding Spousal Support

There are many factors the court can consider in awarding spousal support, which can include the following:

  • Duration of the marriage;
  • Debts and assets of each party;
  • Each party’s income and earnings;
  • Each party’s income capacity;
  • Education, occupation and skill set of each party;
  • Standard of living during the marriage; and
  • Age and health of each party.

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