Property Crimes

You might think of property crimes as less serious than the more violent crimes, but they can be serious and carry stiff penalties, jail time and expensive restitution. Even though many people think of these crimes as less serious, the consequences can have a big impact on your life. Don’t go through this process alone, make sure you have someone in your corner fighting for you.

Summary of California Property Crimes

Here are some examples of Property Crimes:

  • Trespassing (Penal Code Section 602): Entering someone else’s property without permission. Depending on what happened, this can be charged anywhere from an infraction (fine only) to a felony (state prison).
  • Criminal Mischief (Penal Code Section 594): This crime includes vandalizing, defacing, damaging or destroying property (this includes graffiti). How this is charged depends on the value of the damage; less than $400 is a misdemeanor, more than $400 could make it a felony.
  • Burglary (Penal Code Section 459): Entering into someone’s home or business with the intent of committing a felony inside. Depending on the facts in the case, you could be charged with either a misdemeanor or felony.
  • Arson (Penal Code Section 451): The reckless or willful burning of any building, property or forest. You can be charged with arson if the actions caused death, bodily injury or property damage. This can be either a felony or misdemeanor.
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