YLaw is committed to supporting causes that affect the betterment of our local community and the world. A firm believer that every helping hand makes a difference, Leena has contributed to various charitable causes both around and beyond Vancouver.

Board Member – National Legal Aid Liaison Committee

Leena Yousefi is a part of a special committee of senior family lawyers and legal professionals who are currently working on a toolkit to provide guidance, information and referrals to parents and professionals to assist them with resolving parenting disputes post-separation.

Board Member – Canadian Bar Association Community Involvement

Leena is a Committee Member at the Canadian Bar Association. This organization is the largest organization for lawyers across Canada and provides various free legal services to the community through its lawyers. This organization provides continuing legal education to lawyers, and brings lawyers, judges and politicians together at its Annual General Meetings to discuss important policy issues affecting the country.

Access Pro Bono Lawyer – Pro Bono Legal Services

Leena provides free legal advise to clients who are not able to afford legal fees. She does this often and takes great pride in being able to give to those in need. If you require Pro Bono services, please contact Access Pro Bono. You must be approved by Access Pro Bono prior to being able to obtain free legal advise.

TV Presenter on Family Law Issues – Parvaz TV

Supporting her cultural society in Vancouver has also been a keen area of focus for Leena, as she believes in the importance of providing strong role models within cultural groups. By providing legal advice on Parvaz TV that airs on Shaw Multicultural Channel, Leena was able to reach thousands of individuals in English and Farsi, which opened communication barriers for viewers of the show interested in seeking her advice.

Family Law Article Writer – Dan and Goonagoon Magazines

As well, Leena has contributed articles to Danestaniha Magazine, one of the largest Persian publications in BC as well as Goonagoon Magazine to also support the Persian community through other mediums.

Volunteer Family Lawyer – Dial-a-Lawyer, BC

Leena has used her passion and skillset as a lawyer to help those in need of her expertise. Through The Canadian Bar Association (CBA) Leena participated in Dial-A-Lawyer, which provided the opportunity for BC Residents to have a phone consultation with a lawyer free of charge. As a part of Law Week, Dial-A-Lawyer offered the opportunity for those unable to afford a lawyer’s advice the link to an expert opinion.

The Law Centre – Community Involvement

Leena participated in The Law Centre, a service of the University Faculty of Law that provides service to thousands of individuals seeking the advice of a lawyer, also free of cost. By taking part in an environment where her profession could be used to assist others, Leena was able to empower others with her work.

Charity and Volunteer Work – Community Involvement

Leena’s focus on Family Law has connected her with various family and children focused charities including Food Shelters on the Downtown East Side as well as her personal volunteer work in international orphanages in Columbia and Vietnam. Most recently, Leena participated in Taste of the World, which successfully raised over $130 000 and will help to treat 27 000 children and families through Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) and Medical Action Myanmar (MAM).

An avid fitness enthusiast, Leena has participated in the annual Sun Run as well as the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – CIBC Run for the Cure for multiple consecutive years. By participating in impactful fitness and community building experiences, Leena has truly been able to connect with inspiring individuals and groups looking to support a unified cause.

Financial Contributions:

Leena donates a part of YLaw’s profits to support charitable initiatives in the community has truly been one of the highlights of the early years of her career and she looks forward to supporting her community in even more impactful ways in the years to come.


"They always ensured prompt communication, were flexible, and so thoughtful. Ronak provided updates to me during the break from court and Victoria sat with my father during the trial which eased his nerves and gave him moral support. It was a small gesture that meant much more. Ronak has the perfect mix of compassion and tenacity. My father was in awe of her intelligence and fearlessness. She won this extremely rare case and my father is now able to share his daughter equally and sell the family home among other great things."