Believe me all of us BC family law settlement lawyers want a peaceful exit. Doesn’t everyone? You’ll be surprised that many spouses actually don’t. If you or your spouse are some of those lucky ones who can separate feelings from divorce, family law settlements are your way to go. Since YLaw Group’s family lawyers exclusively concentrate their practice on family law matters, they know when to settle and when to fight. We always prefer settlements over conflict. Unhealthy conflict will only hurt you. So if there is an opportunity to depart your ways peacefully, we will focus on that more than anything else. There are various ways to settle: settlement conferences, mediation or arbitration are some of the options. Our award-winning team listens to your individual needs and goals and offers advice on the best path to reach your family law settlements. We strategize negotiations and settlements with the same thoroughness and intensity as when preparing for litigation.


"YLaw is the best and most professional family law firm I have ever come across. From the time Victoria picks up the phone, she makes the process super efficient and simple. She asks you to fill out a short form which later goes in front of the lawyer and the lawyer will review the details of your case before you even walking through the door. The consultation was efficient, informative and straight-forward. Leena and Solveig put my mind at ease and by the time I left, I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and I knew what strategy to use for my family law case. Could not recommend this firm more!"