Sometimes we make bad choices and sometimes other people make choices that negatively impact on us. Whatever the situation being involved in a criminal prosecution is a serious and often life changing event. While you are soul searching and wishing you could turn back the clock – the clock is ticking. You need someone who will support and guide you, but who will also represent you honestly and realistically. Someone who doesn’t look at you and sees $$ signs, but someone who sees a fellow human being in possibly the worst situation of their lives. This is where Layli comes in. She is known for her passion and tenacity when it comes to representing her clients. Many a judge will testify to this and have complimented her on her performance when all looked hopeless for her client. She will not give up on you, but beware, she is no pushover – be honest with her at all times so that she can try to work her magic to get the best possible outcome for you. Areas of expertise include;

It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Blood alcohol levels of 0.08% or more. Convicted motorists face fines and the possibility of jail.
• Property Crimes
Crimes against property include; burglary; motor vehicle theft, larceny theft including non-felonious larceny theft.
• Drug Crimes
Drug cultivation, manufacture, possession, trafficking and distribution laws make it illegal to sell, transport and import illegal controlled substances. Drugs such as methamphetamine and cocaine are restricted at both State and Federal level.
• Financial/ White- Collar crimes
Crimes include; Insurance fraud; worker’s compensation fraud; and Medicare fraud; Real Estate and Mortgage fraud.
• Violent Crimes
Violent crimes include; homicide; rape; and aggravated assault.
• Juvenile Delinquency
Defined as illegal behavior of minors. Specialist procedures and designated institutions, such as Juvenile Detention centers and Juvenile Courts are specifically dedicated to young offenders.