Drug Offenses

The stakes are high if you’re charged with a drug offense. These types of charges carry stiff penalties and are not something you should face alone. Whether you’re charged with drug possession or drug sales, our experienced attorneys will let you know your options and work with you to achieve the best outcome possible.

Summary of California Drug Crimes

If you’re charged with a non-violent, personal use (not for sale), drug charge, you could be eligible for Proposition 36 (which is also known as Drug Diversion). To take part in Prop. 36, you must plead guilty to the charges against you and cannot take the case to trial. You must complete a drug treatment program without any violations. It will include drug education, detox and outpatient services. Judges will allow a defendant to do Prop. 36 if they feel like he/she has a drug problem and jail will not be as beneficial as drug treatment.

If you’re charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance for Sale (Health and Safety Code 11351/11378) or Transportation of a Controlled Substance (Health and Safety Code 11352/11359), you will not be eligible for Prop. 36, and will face incarnation if convicted. If a defendant has prior convictions, if a weapon is involved or a large amount of drugs, additional sentencing enhancements can apply.

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