Document Preparation

California Family Law matters can be uncontested (meaning the parties involved agree with each other) or contested matters (the parties don’t agree.)

In uncontested proceedings, the parties involved are able to keep their case “out of court,” agreeing to a complete resolution of all the issues without a formal court hearing or trial through a written marital settlement agreement. Sometimes the parties are able to reach agreements from the outset, and sometimes negotiation between the parties is required. Even if a matter is considered “uncontested,” the final resolution of all matters must be approved by the court.

Some courts require a short uncontested hearing to be held, where the Court will review and approve any agreements made by the parties on the record after brief testimony of one or both parties, and some courts will approve the agreement without a hearing. Our office provides a variety of family law document preparation, some of our family law services include:

  • Terminating a marriage through divorce or legal separation
  • Preparing Marital Settlement Agreements
  • Establishing court orders about child custody, visitation, support or spousal support
  • Modifying court orders about child custody, visitation, support or spousal support
  • Preparing Responses to Petitions and/or various types of Motions in contested matters
  • Establishing paternity
  • Preparing Stipulations and Orders by mutual agreement of the parties including modification of Judgments or previous court orders
We can prepare the necessary court documents in most routine proceedings covered by the family law courts in California. There is no need to hire an attorney. We make it easy for you to represent yourself.