Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime is one of the most difficult situations to face in life. Even if you have been charged with a crime before, the prospect of losing your liberty, and suffering severe financial penalties, is daunting. State prosecutors and police are often over worked. As a result, they cannot thoroughly investigate every case. Unfortunately, this results in many innocent people being charged with crimes that they did not commit, and many people being charged with a far more serious crime than what actually occurred.

Many indigent people charged with crimes apply for the service of the Public Defender to assist them with their cases. Unfortunately, not all people qualify. Those who do qualify are assigned a talented attorney; however, that attorney carries an extremely large caseload and has little to no resources available to investigate cases and put on the best defense possible.

At the Oriole Law Group, we have a team of former prosecutors, public defenders, private defense attorneys, and investigators. We know the criminal justice system inside and out. At Oriole, we limit the number of criminal cases that we accept so that we can provide the most aggressive defense possible in every case, for every client. We handle cases ranging from minor traffic crimes to homicide. No matter what you are facing we can help you.

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